Saturday 2 September saw the launch of Samaya, one of the most colourful Feadships built to date both outside and in. The timeless design of this gorgeous 69-metre Feadship features a lunar white coating that turns a warm pink hue in various shades of light. Her teal-coloured waterline mirrors the colour of a rare blue-green fish spotted by the owner on a diving excursion. Add in the giant backlit manta ray symbols on the fashion plates and it's clear that Samaya is a yacht built with the underwater world in mind.
The owner and family will go diving around the planet and be very involved in activities highlighting the need to conserve our oceans and the vulnerable species contained within. They will work closely with Dr Andrea Marshall, a marine biologist known for her research into manta rays and founder of the Marine Megafauna Foundation.
There has surely never been a superyacht so custom-designed to support diving expeditions. A dive room in the stern is finished to the highest degree of sophistication and houses all conceivable facilities including a nitrox-enriched air system. While occasionally diving directly off the stern, most trips to outlying reefs will be made on Samaya's two bespoke tenders, housed in a garage in the main deck. Upon their return to the yacht the divers can warm up in a flat-bottomed hot water plunge pool to speed up their recovery and all luxury areas can be heated to 30 °C for the same reason.
Samaya's interior showcases the owner's affection for international cultures. Outdoor facilities include a sun deck large enough to be a party platform while containing intimate features such as two comfortable 'top of the world' beds nestled against the mast arch. As many of Samaya's travels will be to isolated regions where little or no infrastructure is available on shore, she has an incredible degree of autonomy and no limitations on cruising ability.

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