Seakeeper continues to innovate with the launch of the smallest unit ever, and for the first time making stabilization available for boats as small as 23 ft.
The leader in marine stabilization, has just launched its newest, smallest and most radically different model yet, the Seakeeper 1. Designed to eliminate up to 95% of boat roll on vessels between 23-30 feet (7-9 meters) or up to 5.5 tons.
The announcement of the new Seakeeper 1 coincides with annual product development workshops that Boating World holds at its Cape Town offices.
“We are excited to have Tanja Lutz from Seakeeper in Cape Town to educate us on this new product” said Derrick Levy, co-owner of Boating World and African representative for Seakeeper. “It’s a product that we believe will do well in Southern Africa as it can easily be retro fitted to any boat.”
Seakeeper have confirmed that more than 12 boat manufacturers have committed to integrate the Seakeeper 1 into their newest models and retro fits will be available from June 2020.


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